• I am flexible and open and I give you the freedom to choose exactly what you want in your wedding ceremony. 

  • I will establish a relationship with you and find out what you want and help you to achieve it. 

  • Together we will create a ceremony that suits you. It will reflect what you feel and think about each other and why you are getting married. 

  • You will be given access to my extensive range of resources. Such as poems, vows, rituals and words on marriage. 

  • You will be given a book that I have created, of many different ceremonies, vows, words, ring warming ceremony, poems. You can use this book or you can write your own words and vows. 

  • I will assist you to write your own love story. This personalizes your wedding and makes it like no one else’s. I have created a series of questions, which when youanswer will become your love story. Question’s such as, when and where you met, how you felt about each other at that time, the aspects you love and admire most about each other, why you believe your relationship has been a success, what you have learnt from each other and want to continue to learn and why you are getting married. 

  • You will be encouraged and assisted to write or choose your own vows I will give you lots of examples of other people's vows. 

  • I specialise in collecting beautiful rituals and words from ancient traditions and cultures. 

  • Examples of rituals I have performed are:- Celtic Handfastings, Buddhist wedding rituals, the Rose Ceremony, the Unity Candle Ceremony, the 4 Directions of Nature Blessing, Indian and Native American Indian Wedding Blessings, Druid Ceremonies, Aboriginal Didgeredoo and Smoking Place Blessings. 

  • I believe that it is most important  to always keep in mind that this ceremony is yours. 

  • I see myself mainly as a facilitator to help you have the special ceremony that is beautiful and is just what you want.

Hi,  Lovely Lady

Andrew and I want to thank you so very much for waking us up to the very reason why we are getting married and putting the romance back in our lives, despite all the stress! 

You rekindled in us the love and romance that tends to fly out the window during all the arrangements for a wedding! So, a very big and heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’  Nerolie! 

We both think you are the most perfect person we could wish for to do our marriage vows and to awaken the loving spirit and joy that we know abides within both of us... it just got put on the back burner throughout house building and other stuff! 

Looking forward to seeing you again.


Anne-Marie and Andrew

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