Naming Ceremony is an opportunity to welcome your child into 
your family, relative’s friends and the world. 

The Ceremony is aimed at strengthening the affection and friendship 
we have with your child and each other. 

The Ceremony acknowledges and encourages the idea that, the more 
love and positive interaction your child receives, the more balanced 
and rich your child’s life will be. Also, in turn the more your child will 
be able to give to others. 

The Ceremony focuses on and honors the role of parents and they 
make commitments as to how they intend to carry out their role. 

The Ceremony also honors grandparents and siblings. Certificates 
are given to these people. 

The Ceremony also acknowledges the Godparents (or Guardians, or 
Mentors). These are people who will take a special and lifelong 
interest and involvement with your child. They are able to publicly 
accept their role and are given a Certificate.

There are a number of options that can be 
put into the ceremony, including:

- The Blessing Box 

In this ceremony the guests write a wish or a blessing for your child’s 
life on a card and hold it during the ceremony, after your child has 
been named they place their blessings in a special box (they can 
also speak to the parents and child if they wish). 

This box will become your child’s special box to keep. This can be 
done with music. 

- Tree planting 

A tree is planted for your child that may flower on his/her birth month 
or be significant in some way for your child. 

- Meaning of the name 

The meaning of your child’ name is shared with your guests.

- Candle Lighting 

Candles are lit for the child by the Godparents (Guardians, or 
Mentors) or parents. 

I also perform Buddhist Namings. Washing the baby Buddha 
ceremony is performed and blessings given for your child. 

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I regularly travel, and am happy to travel anywhere, 

  • Kangaroo Valley and Berry, 
  • Nowra and The Shoalhaven Region, 
  • The South Coast, 
  • Wollongong and The Illawarra Region, 
  • The Southern Highlands, 
  • Sydney, Canberra and beyond. 

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Hi Nerolie, 

Jason & I send you a very 
warm thank you for your 
beautiful service at our 
wedding on 20 March. 

It was such a unique and 
loving experience in our 
lives, we don’t remember 
being so happy as we were 
on the day. Thank you for 
all your help, guidance 
and time in helping us 
plan the ceremony. 

Many people at the 
wedding told us afterwards 
it was the best wedding 
they’d ever been to.
We really enjoyed meeting 
you and working with you 
as we planned our 
ceremony - you helped
make it very special. 

You really helped us get 
out in the ceremony all 
the things that are so 
importantto us in our 
relationship and you 
delivered it on the day 
with enormous happiness, 
which added toeveryone’s 
enjoyment of it. 

Thank you for helping 
make our special day so 
incredibly wonderful. 

Warm regards,

Julie Phillis & Jason Burrows.  
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